A Photobooth Can be the Life of the Party!

Weddings are our speciality. We provide photobooths as a professional service to weddings throughout the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire regions. Our photobooth service starts with your initial booking, when we speak to you about the kind of photobooth you would like on your big day. We cater for different age groups, religious denominations, large or small events, low key or full on bling.

Our home base is the New Forest and we are approved suppliers to many of the established New Forest wedding venues which include many of the hotels in the New Forest Hotel Wedding Group.

October Promotion

Free Unlimited Photos

#HashTag Printing

Social Media Promotion and Engagement

  • Automatically post to user and company facebook pages
  • Automatically post to people’s twitter and instagram pages with preset hashtags
  • Automatically capture people’s social media details for marketing purposes
  • High uptake rate
  • Increase likes and social media reach for a business

Brand Reinforcement

  • Customised Photo layouts with brand message and logos
  • Customised photobooth design and external graphics to reinforce a brand
  • Upload of images with overlays and brand messages on photos to all social media sites
  • Customer feedback via questions or video feedback

Customer Feedback and Competitions

  • Customer surveys and feedback left inside the booth using our social media share stations
  • Able to provide current up to date email addresses for your customer base
  • Able to run random competitions inside a booth to select a winner

The 60 Second Pitch from The Pixel Machine

To demonstrate the concept of The Pixel Machine as a business service, we have devised The 60 Second Pitch from The Pixel Machine. A key function of the booth is the ability to record short video messages.

Visit any decent business networking event and you’ll be expected to stand up and present your business in 60 seconds. Many people put extensive preparation into these pitches and refine them over a period of time. A shame then that as soon as the pitch is delivered that it is history and the audience is soon listening to the next speaker. Hopefully those anchors and memory hooks that you’ve embedded into your 60 seconds have taken hold with your audience.

If you’d like to create a promotional video/60second pitch for your business, product or services at no cost, see our News page for details of our next promotional day (a wedding fair or other public event), then email us to book your pitch.

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Were you pleased with your pitch?
What if you had the opportunity to record this pitch and use the video file as an asset on your website or YouTube channel? After all, google favours web sites with video content.

What is the cost?
Find us at any of the promotional events that we attend throughout the year and It’s FREE. We don’t charge for the use of the photobooth and you can link to the video file without restriction. For a small fee, we can add a chromakey background and graphical overlay so that your 60 Second Pitch becomes branded with your colours and logos.

How can you use the 60 Second Pitch from The Pixel Machine?

  • You’ve honed your 60 seconds and want to replay it to yourself
  • You want to add valuable video to your YouTube channel
  • You want to place an introductory video on your home page
  • You have a new product launch.
  • You want to SHOW something – a new hair style, a piece of clothing, a new gadget…
  • You want to introduce your team
  • You want to announce a recent event – competition winner, for example

Terms & Conditions

  • All content generated by The Pixel Machine, remains the property of The Pixel Machine Ltd.
  • Use of the Photobooth is free, but we reserve the right to charge a small fee to add graphical information, post event. However, you are not obliged to take this option.
  • The Pixel Machine Ltd cannot be held liable for any negative outcome that is the result of the published content.