An Unexpected Guest – Bah, HUMBUG!

Last night we ran a booth at another Christmas party. It was a fun event in Southampton with the standard booth with greenscreen. The greenscreen gave a backdrop of a departmental graphic on all the photos which were themselves overlaid with a very cheerful Christmas template involving holly and ivy in traditional Christmas colours.

A very bespoke, tailored template and graphics is a principle part of the service we offer and sets us apart from competitive businesses. It also means that all the photo albums in our facebook galleries are unique!

But back to last nights event which turned out to be the most entertaining evening we’ve been at for a while. The venue had invested in some spectacular Christmas decorations, one of them a full size and very lifelike Mr Scrooge dressed in his night gown and cap, carrying a lamp. The party goers decided Scrooge should join the party and so he was carried to the booth and was forced, I assume against his will, to join in the fun.



Where upon all sorts of unmentionable acts were enacted on him.

Tongues in the ear, nose picking and other un-christmas-like harassment were committed upon his Dickensian person.


Then he was shuffled off to the dance floor where he was subjected to twerking by some of the male members of the party.


Humiliation over, Mr Scrooge then spent the rest of the evening propping up the bar.


  • The end!