The Perfect Party..

Its not a party without a balloon.. Fact

Its not a party without a balloon.. Fact

We all love a good party don’t we? So what exactly are you and your guests looking for? There are many answers to this, much of it will be dependant on the celebration. Is it a Birthday, an Anniversary, Wedding, Christening, Bar Mitzvah- oh how the list could continue.. All of these are a very good excuse to party!

So lets start at the top. The guest list.. We will generally get this sorted quite quickly, but then there is the venue. If you can cater for everyone at home, this will cut costs but be prepared for lots of hard work. Oh – and breakages, because there will be a few. Parties at home can be made far more bearable with an outside caterer. Consider employing a couple of helpful Teens to serve food and drinks. Many babysitters would welcome the change from watching naff TV on a Saturday night. Large supermarkets such as Waitrose will hire out glasses, just be prepared to wash them before and after the party!! So a party at home? Great if you have the space, but this is no time to relax and enjoy- you will be far to busy playing Host & Hostess!!

To the pub.. Always a winner- a ready made bar, a chef on site to get a buffet sorted and no shortage of glasses. You may need to pay for room hire or be prepared to honour a minimum spend at the bar, but you’ll have no clearing up to do.

A Hotel? All of the above apply of course, with the added bonus of somewhere for your travelling guests to stay. Hotels will normally have more space for your guests, offering more than one room for your party- all of which will come at a price.

So far we’ve got the venue. Then on the entertainment. Obviously, we are going to tell you to hire a Photobooth.. So if you’re requiring a Photobooth in Southampton, Hampshire or Dorset, make sure you give us a call. They really do make a party go with a swing! With the added bonus of the prints for your guest to keep. Of course there is also the buzz of Social Media the next day as they are uploaded on to our Facebook page what is not to love?!

Music.. Go with the music you love. Everyone has different tastes, so you’ll never please all your guests. Anything from live musicians, a DJ, online streaming or your playlist on your smart phone- the choice is yours- again from a few pound to a few hundred pound.. The world is your oyster!

Ahhh.. Oysters.. that brings us neatly to the food. We’re clearly not suggesting you splash out of shellfish all round for your guests (I cannot think of anything worse personally..!!). The key here is not to over do it. There’s nothing worse than spending hours in the kitchen for it all to be wasted. Your guests will be coming to celebrate with you- not to compare you to Jamie or Nigella.. Open a packet of crisps- and make it salt n vinegar twirls.. The party food of Gods!!

That, is how you do the Perfect Party.. All is good when the twirls are on the table!!