Personalised, bespoke album

Here at Pixel HQ, we believe that The Photobooth experience should last longer than just one evening. That’s why we enlisted a talented stationery designer to hand-make every Photo Album. Each album is personalised on the cover with either your initials (if you are celebrating your marriage) or perhaps a special age for your Birthday celebrations.

We’ve been providing albums for quite sometime now- but they didn’t used to be bespoke.. Oh no.. That all came about by accident really.. Just one of those “Yes- that’s what we’ll do” moments. So the story goes a bit like this…

Photo albums

Bespoke, handmade album.

We had a busy weekend of bookings, but our supplier of boring, plain ol’ albums had let us down. Tasked with finding a suitable alternative, I hit the High Street. Getting late on a Saturday afternoon- the pressure was on. Tesco’s, Waitrose, M&S? Nothing. WH Smith (surely they’d have SOMETHING)? Nope- nothing even vaguely suitable. I popped into a local (very beautiful) lifestyle shop here in Lymington, Willow . Now then.. In this gem of a shop, I found fabulous note books & handmade cards. Well, this might just get me out of a huge and deepening hole.

Whilst pondering (and hoping), a couple of ladies were at my shoulder. I turned to chat – asking if they thought this would be a suitable substitute, praying they’d agree, options dwindling rapidly. One of the ladies (this is where it gets pretty spooky), was the Sister-In-Law of the designer!! Oh my dizzy days…!! She passed me the contact details of said designer, saying “Oh I’m sure she’ll make a design for you – she’s ever so good like that”. There, dear reader, is where it all started.

Heather Marten  had been making wedding stationery for over 15 years. Well established in her field, she decided within a flooded market place to transfer to greetings card design and manufacture. Her workshop in Pilley in the New Forest is a hive of activity, with beautiful hand drawn cards, tubs of glitter, every possible colour and a small army of staff hand making fabulous cards.

Heather could not have been more helpful. We agreed on a print, with which she would personalise each album on the front cover. This takes us right back to the beginning.

Not all Photo booth companies are the same. Very, very few will offer this service. A beautiful, personalised album you will want to keep coming back to – reliving the memories from your fabulous night of celebrations.

Choose The Pixel Machine Photobooth for a premium service every time.