New term, New beginnings..


Get the party started!!

So here we are in September!! We can barely believe it here at The Pixel Machine Photobooth. September brings new beginnings. New terms, new schools, colleges not to mention the start of Autumn.

Here at Pixel HQ, it signifies the start of a flurry of enquiries- which actually started at 3-30am (hands up if that was you??). Strange how the turn of season combined with a new month gets us ready to organise the next big event in our lives. I’m no different- with a BIG birthday party to organise, I set aside September to get the ball rolling.


Fantastic new uniform here!


Christmas is not that far away (114 days til the big day for anyone that’s counting), shops will be playing Christmas carols before you know it. Gone are the shorts and t-shirts from the shop windows. In are the winter woollies and jeans- before you can say “Pixel Machine Photobooth” it’ll be sparkly Christmas dresses. Which can only mean one thing… Party season! Who winced out there?

Whether you are organising the office party, a charity fundraiser or your sports club annual social- having a Photobooth as the entertainment is a must! You need not worry about a thing with us at your event. The guests will be guided by our fantastic operators as they use the Booth. When other guests hear the laughter and excitement coming from the booth, others will be encouraged to give it a try. Before long, the party atmosphere builds up and everyone is having a fantastic time.

Check out the albums which are on our Facebook page, you can only imagine the fun everyone is having. It really does bring life and soul to every party. Go- on.. Give us a try- do something different. It’s time for new beginnings after all!!