About our Photo Booth Hire Service

Who we are

We are fun loving party people who enjoy seeing others having fun in the booth. We know the difference a photobooth can make for a celebration, so we go out of our way to ensure the booth users get the best out of it. Our multiple photo sessions are designed to enhance the fun and our operators will push the guests to get those props on and pose for each session. Between us we’ve delivered 1000’s of photobooth bookings and so we know what we’re doing!

What we do

We deliver a premium photobooth service for weddings, birthdays, bah and bat mitzvahs, first holy communions, charity events, wedding anniversaries, graduation balls, school proms and in fact any kind of event where people are assembled to celebrate something. Key to our service is specially designed graphics and great imagery. Do you have a theme for your event? We can provide a special design for you.

What are our Photo Booths used for ?

Celebratory events are a speciality, as we provide a premium photo booth experience for any kind of party, which currently breaks down like this:

Wedding Receptions

Birthday parties

Corporate & Marketing

Charity & other

What we can offer

For Individuals

wedding photo booth hire

We cater for any kind of event. We guarantee a first class photo booth experience for your party, one that won’t stop or breakdown halfway through, either by technical failure or operator incompetence.


All our booths are supported by remote control and if a problem does arise, we soon deal with it so that the photostream continues uninterrupted. With high quality photography and first class printing, the booths give hours of entertainment with instant gratification. But they also give long after the event with online photo albums, Facebook, Instagram and other social media interactions.

For Businesses

We are marketing professionals and we see The Pixel Machine as the ideal portal to your social networks through which you can efficiently broadcast your message to your audiences. We can help you create social media campaigns at group events using the booth as a tool to encourage people to help you raise the profile of your products and brand.


Imagery is key to this and the Internet is the medium that acts like a superconductor.

We like to work with PR agencies, event management companies and marketing organisations as we can compliment what you do. We’ve combined our skills and experience to create an innovative product that pulls together the wonders of social media with the latest trends in digital imaging.

Our Photobooth and it’s eco system is designed for use in a number of vertical industries where brand awareness, product promotion and social media activities can benefit. We have marketing expertise that you can leverage by using the power of the internet and viral marketing.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business, please write a few words into our contact form and we’ll be in touch within a few hours.

The Pixel Machine Photobooths Ltd

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